FMB’s SAIL program is designed to address two of the issues most important to many of our clients today: withdrawal strategy & capital preservation.  With these two ends in mind, the partners at FMB built the SAIL program by pulling relevant core strategies from existing well established research such as the Yale Endowment Fund and fundamental Cash Reserve strategies.  By applying the portions of the high-level strategies which pertain directly to the achievement of our clients’ most important goals, we have developed a retirement funding strategy that is not only highly effective, but also relatively simple for clients to understand and monitor on an ongoing basis.


  • Make smarter decisions with your money by using a disciplined scientific approach rather than emotion
  • Provide confidence in your retirement
  • Implement a Strategic Budget Structure
  • Maintain relative purchasing power of both capital and income
  • Provide stable income for retirement spending


How does it work?  

  • Collaboration to determine number of years of Retirement Salary to shelter
  • The spending formula reestablishes the Retirement Salary quarterly
  • Trailing market performance steers spending by systematically avoiding sale of depressed assets
  • Retirement Salaries are held in Income Reserve account
  • Flexible cash flow via A.C.H. transfers to personal bank account
  • Back weighted withdrawal formula to smooth out cash flows



  • Q: How often can I get my retirement salary transferred into my personal checking account?

    A: As often as you choose (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.)

  • Q: Can I spend more than my calculated Retirement Salary?

    A: Yes, it is your money. The SAIL program will simply establish parameters to make more informed and rational spending decisions

  • Q: Does the program cost extra?

    A: No, it’s a value added service at no cost to you

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